Bowden Tubing

    • Highest Quality PTFE-Our bowden tubes made from the finest pure virgin PTFE, so it always has good flexibility, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance.
    • High Lubricity Additives-The lowest friction Bowden tubing on the market.more responsiveness, less retraction, more accurate prints, less slippage, wear, and tear on the extruder, and less clogging when printing chunky filaments such as some woodfills or ironfills.
    • Lower Retraction-Saved every time the extruder retracts. Over the course of a print, a few milliseconds here and a few there add up to a lot of time saved.
    • Compatibility-Compatible with all 1.75mm PLA ABS 3D printer. 1.9mm ID reduces the "wiggle room," or buckling, allowing you to print flexible filaments even on the longest Bowden systems.
    • High Temperature Resistance-Heat resistant up to 300℃, See our picture for more details. Support No-RETURN-NEEDED Replacement and lifetime warranty.