Frequently asked questions

My pen seems to be clogged. What should I do?

When your 3D pen seems to show the following symptoms, it could be that your 3D pen is clogged:

  • The filament isn’t extruding from the 3D pen.

  • The 3D pen doesn’t insert the filament.

  • The nozzle seems to be clogged with filament.

What to do

Turn on the 3D pen and wait until it reaches the right temperature. Insert a new filament at the back of the 3D pen and hold the extrusion button. The remaining filament that is still in the nozzle will be pushed out of the 3D pen by the new filament. Please remember to always use the same kind of filament (PLA, ABS or PETG).

If the pen is still clogged, please contact our customer service


In order to prevent the 3D pen from getting clogged again, we advise you to remove the filament from the 3D pen when you turn it off. To do this hold the on/off button on the 3D pen for 2 seconds. The filament will come out of the back of the 3D printing pen. Don’t forget to cut the filament straight that came out of the pen.

My pen doesn’t seem to be charging. What to do?

First check if the adapter is plugged into the socket and the cable is plugged into the 3D pen. When you have checked the power supply and the pen is still not working, you can contact the customer service via email:

Why are my pen’s buttons not functioning as intended?

If your buttons aren’t functioning as intended, please contact our Customer Service team by emailing and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Frequently asked questions

Can I draw on my skin with the 3D pen?

Please don't try to draw on skin with the 3D Pen!The Eco-Plastic is completely safe for skin contact, making it the perfect tool for creating wearable creations such as jewelry, masks, glasses, and even earrings! The nozzle may be uncomfortable for some, so we don't recommend pressing the nozzle directly on skin. Please take care not to get the warm Eco-Plastic in your hair as it will be very hard to remove.

Can I leave the filament in the pen when I turn the pen off?

Please don't! We've found that leaving warm filament in the pen may cause issues with the pen over time. We advise you to remove the filament by holding the on/off button for 2 seconds on the 3D pen.

Why is filament still coming out after I have stopped the feeding mechanism?

A small amount of oozing after the motor has stopped running is normal. If you believe that your pen is extruding more than the usual amount of filament after the pen has stopped feeding, please contact our customer service team by emailing and we will be more than happy to promptly assist you.

How do I know when need to feed new filament in the 3D pen?

When the filament is not inserting in the 3D pen’s tail and the filament doesn’t come out of the nozzle anymore. Just add a new strand, give it a gentle nudge if needed, and your 3Doodler should start extruding again. The last bit of the previous strand will extrude before the new strand begins to.

Is the filament hot when it comes out of the 3D pen?

The filament that comes out of the 3D pen is extremely hot. However, the filament cools down in 2 or 3 seconds.

Can I pull the filament out of the 3D pen?

You could damage the 3D pen if you try pulling out the filament. When you want to replace the filament, you have to hold the on/off button on the 3D pen.

Can I directly draw on the table with my 3D pen?

No, we advise you to protect the surface you are working on to prevent burns on your furniture.